Mötley Crüe Raise A Ruckus In North Carolina

Mötley Crüe is back on the road, and raised a bit of a ruckus in Greensboro, North Carolina, last week. According to the band, bassist Nikki Sixx got angry when he saw a security guard hassling a fan. When he saw the same guard man-handling another concert-goer later in the show, he went ballistic.

NIKKI SIX (on-stage): We're not going to play any more songs. Bring the lights up. You know why? Because this security a**hole in the front is punching you motherf***ers, and you deserve better than that. You're a big f***ing black man. You feel pretty good beating up a little girl. F*** you! You know what, you motherf***ers? Kick this f***ing guy's ass. Kick this motherf***er's ass. There's more of you than there is of him. How's that feel you a**hole, you f***ing nigger? Don't call me a f***ing racist, man, because then you are a f***ing nigger, because nobody treats another human being like that! Suck my d***!"

We have two on-the-scene comments from fans at that

show: one who says he witnessed a guard roughing somebody up, and another, a barricade jumper, who says he was on the receiving end of the guard's displeasure.

BRIAN HUDSON, Crüe fan: He just went towards the stage like fans do, and the security guard walked over to him, didn't push him aside, didn't do anything like that, he just punched him.

CHRIS HARKER, Crüe fan: He just grabbed me and then slammed me on the ground and about 4 or 5 other guys jumped on top of me also.

That fan, Chris Harker, says he's considering the possibility of legal action against the security firm that policed that concert. The security firm, meanwhile, is contemplating legal action against Mötley Crüe. As for Nikki Sixx's on-stage outburst, in a statement sent to MTV News, the bassist acknowledges that what he said was wrong, but says he was extremely angry at the security guard. "How can fans feel secure," he asked, "if a guy hired to wear a security uniform becomes

the real threat to people's security?" Mötley Crüe plays Sioux Falls, South Dakota, this coming Tuesday.

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