Tommy Lee, Pamela Anderson Drop Fight Over Sex Tape

December 2 [7:55 EDT] -- Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee and his wife, "Baywatch" alum Pamela Anderson, are reportedly dropping their fight against an Internet entertainment company that had been distributing a sex tape of the couple.

Reuters news reports that the Internet Entertainment Group issued a statement Monday claiming that the Lees had decided to stop their attempts to keep IEG from distributing the homemade sex tape through their website.

As we first reported last month, the couple has long contended that the video was one of a number of items stolen from their home, and had been arguing that the company could not use their names and images for its own gain.

Meanwhile, IEG had been arguing that the since the Lees gave a copy of the tape to the staff of "The Howard Stern Show" before a recent appearance, it is no longer private property. A source close to the show had told MTV News that they

did indeed receive a copy of the tape, but not from Pam and Tommy.

All that seems to be moot with the announcement of the Lees' move. Neither IEG nor the Lees have discussed the terms of the agreement, but a spokesperson for Pam and Tommy told Reuters, "The Lees have never intended to profit, nor have they profited, from the stolen tape and are sick about the whole situation."