Mötley Crüe Plan Album, New Label

Mötley Crüe are planning on releasing a double album this year in spite of the pending incarceration of drummer Tommy Lee, and it looks like the record is going to be on their own Mötley Records label. The band's deal with Elektra, according to posts by Nikki Sixx written over the course of the last month, has ended.

"Mötley Crüe is finally free from Elektra Records," writes Sixx through spokesperson on AOL. "We have all our masters and have major plans for the future now that we are free and own the rights to our history (and future) in full."

"I'm sure Elektra is relieved too," adds Sixx. "Now they don't have to deal with this band and our madness."

Elektra personnel declined to comment, but industry sources confirm that neither side has been enamoured with the other for quite some time and that the band has been cut loose. They add that the label may still distribute Mötley Records and that negotiations are still underway.

Singer Vince Neil told Metal Edge Editor Gerri Miller that the band expected to release a double CD on Mötley Records after the summer, half recorded live and half studio hits with a couple of new tracks thrown in. Sixx has told AOL members that the band also expects to record new music in the fall. He says that he's been writing and demoing songs for a new record on his own but he expects his bandmates to come in and help out when they can.

Sixx went on to say that Mötley Crüe had been asked to play Ozzfest, and that tentative plans had been made to perform at several radio festivals, but he hints that Lee's pending legal problems have put all live plans on hold.

Meanwhile Sixx says he's working on his own projects as well. The bassist says he's starting his own record company, Americoma Records, separate from Mötley Records, and may release a solo album he's recorded, "1958," on that label. He's also announced he's starting what he calls a

new line of "radical" clothing called "Outlaw" with wife Donna D'Errico (one of the stars of Baywatch) specializing in skate, surf and snowboard wear.