Mötley Crüe Merchants On Melrose

Mötley Crüe are looking more like Kiss everyday when it comes down to business. The Crüe are opening their own storefront retail outlet, "S'Crue" on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles November 19. The outlet will house the Motley member clothing lines as well as the regular array of band and tour merchandise.

Sixx and wife Donna D'Errico recently launched a line of skate and surf wear called Outlaw, and Neil hosts a sportswear line called Bad Bones. Also on the shelves will be the band's own brand of beer, dubbed Motley Brue, and eventually, product from Sixx's new label, Americoma, as well as other pending band solo projects. The décor is said to include Lee's and Sixx's custom Harleys among the usual gold records and other memorabilia.

"S'Crue is going to be rock 'n' roll's 7-Eleven from hell," says Tommy Lee in the press release.

The opening activities kick off at 5:30 p.m. with all four members in attendance. A spokesperson with the band label,

Beyond Records, tells MTV a live performance of some sort is a possibility. An unnamed special guest or two are also expected, rumored to be from the WWF.

The store will also be the exclusive site that day to buy tickets for the Crue's L.A. concert scheduled for the Wiltern on December 15. The remaining tickets will go on sale at regular outlets the following day, November 20.

S'Crue is located at 7201 Melrose Ave.

Meanwhile, in one of his many AOL posts, Sixx is apologizing to net fans for their lack of backstage access this time around. The group's last tour saw many of the band's online pals and other fans invited backstage for meet n' greets at all the shows.

"We are not having anybody backstage cause of the drama from the last year...were just too burnt. We wanna tour..play...and write music on the road," types Sixx.

The bassist also has posted a note regarding the melee at a concert last year in Greensboro that resulted in Sixx's arrest

for assaulting a security guard. (see ("Mötley Crüe's Sixx Clashes With Carolina Security Guard").

"If there was any fans there who got hit or saw it go down, email me, I'll forward it to our lawyer," says Sixx. His AOL handle (this week, anyway) is MotelSixx@AOL.com.