Is Tommy Lee In Trouble?

Mötley Crüe's Tommy Lee may well be in hot water again. Lee spent the night of bassist Nikki Sixx's birthday last weekend in a Miami nightclub drinking multiple Kamikazes, a minor infraction for most, but potentially a major one for Lee, who's under court order not to consume alcohol.

Lee was sentenced to six months in jail to be followed by a three-year drug and alcohol free probationary period after he plead guilty and was sentenced last May for assaulting wife Pamela Anderson Lee (see "Tommy Lee Sentenced to Six Months In Jail").

A source at Chaos, the nightclub in question, confirms that Lee was drinking, but says that contrary to a story in the New York Post, the drummer did not pass out and get carried from the club. The source said Lee was drunk, he didn't want to leave the venue and had to be escorted out by his friends and handlers. He then proceeded to continue partying in the parking area with about 30 friends

and fans in and around his limousine.

The band's management were not available for comment, and calls to Lee's lawyer were not returned.

The case prosecutor, Kathryn Solorzano, told MTV News that she was unaware of the reported breach but said her office would be looking into the matter. She confirmed that Lee is under a formal order to abstain from all alcohol and stay out of places where alcohol is the chief item of sale. She said that any violation could subject him to additional time in jail at the court's discretion. The courts will have to determine if any wrong-doing can be substantiated and if so, what action is to be taken.

According to the office of the Court Clerk, Lee was already scheduled for a regular review hearing January 19. They confirmed that the rock star is subject to random testing, although apparently only for drugs and not alcohol. His lawyer recently successfully applied to have his court ordered testing commitments altered to allow his lawyer

to arrange visits to local labs while the band is touring.

The nightclub incident followed a 40th birthday concert celebration for bassist Nikki Sixx that saw Sixx 'rousted' and handcuffed on stage in Miami by two uniformed officers. The band was well into their set when Sixx as usual began mouthing off to the audience, and the two men walked onto the stage and grabbed him from behind. Sixx not coincidentally had abeen arrested on his birthday the previous year in Phoenix for assaulting a security guard, (see "Mötley Crüe's Nikki Sixx And Tommy Lee Busted"), so it seemed that history was repeating itself. It became apparent that it was a ruse when the two uniforms handcuffed him into a wheelchair and began stripping. They were soon joined by Sixx's wife former Baywatch babe Donna D'Errico, also in a police uniform, who opened her shirt to reveal a large '4' on one breast and a '0' on the other.

Meanwhile, Sixx appears

to be supportive but not overly happy with Lee's conduct. In posts on AOL, one fan asked rhetorically: "Who is gonna go tell Tommy he isn't allowed to do something?" Answered Sixx: "THE JUDGE THAT GAVE HIM 6 MONTHS INSIDE, THEN 3 YRS. PROBATION."

Another asked if for news on an after show party, Sixx posted: "YEA TOMMY WONT BE AT ANY PARTIES."

A third stated that the news story about Lee being drunk could not have been true because Lee wasn't in jail. Sixx replied: "SEE WHAT HAPPENS HIS NEXT VISIT WITH HIS PROBATION OFFICER, WHO WILL BE PLAYING DRUMS FOR DA CROO NEXT YR.?"

Sixx recently told fans on the Internet that the band intends to extend their touring season through to the fall of 1999.

Lee is also known to be working on a solo album, as are his bandmates.

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