Mos Def Readies New Single, Video

For his new single and video, rapper Mos Def is drawing inspiration from his Islamic beliefs and the much publicized plight of five-year-old Cuban immigrant Elian Gonzalez.

Mos Def recently shot a video for "Umi Says," a song that finds the rapper doing his thing over instrumental contributions from jazz legend Weldon Irvine and Will I Am of the Black Eyed Peas.

The video for the track contrasts images of New York City's Chung King recording studios with those of children playing in the streets of Cuba, and specifically focuses on young Gonzalez, who has found himself at the center of an international custody case. The boy left his native Cuba (and his father) with his mother in hopes of living in freedom in the United States and sparked a diplomatic tug-of-war after his mother died in route, leaving Elian alone in the U.S.

The video includes images of Cuban demonstrators carrying signs bearing the message "bring him home," while the video closes with the image

of Mos himself bearing a sign that reads "Let's Get Free."

"Umi Says" is the second single from Mos Def's debut "Black On Both Sides," following "Ms. Fat Booty."