Mark Morrison Not Guilty Of Offensive Weapon Charge

There's finally a bright spot in Mark Morrison's dismal week. He's been let off his charge of carrying an offensive weapon. The "London Daily Mirror" reports that the judge gave him a break after it was revealed he had readily handed the weapon, a truncheon (club), to the police officers.

On Monday, Morrison had his driver's license suspended for six months for traffic violations. On Wednesday, Morrison was re-sentenced to a year in prison for his part in a nightclub scuffle after he hired a look-a-like to perform the community service duties that comprised his original sentence.

At that time, the "Mirror" reported that Judge Christopher Pitchers called Morrison's actions "an arrogant contempt of court." Morrison's lawyer told the court that Morrison had "buckled" under the demands of his profession and had begun drinking heavily. The defense also claimed that Morrison, who missed nine previous court appearances, had been in Barbados for "drug rehabilitation."

Morrison served three months in jail after being sentenced last May for threatening a policeman with a stun-gun. He still has one more outstanding warrant to deal with stemming from a fight at a party over the Christmas holidays.