Mark Morrison Changing Name

Mark Morrison, the "Return of the Mack" singer, is attempting to change his name while in jail, according to the music trade publication "Record Week." The publication reports that Morrison has converted to the Muslim religion and has changed his name to Abdul Rahman. They say he will no longer be recording or performing as Mark Morrison.

They also report that Morrison has retained a law firm to try and break his recording contract with Warner Bros. Label representatives reached by MTV News had no comment.

Meanwhile, Britain's "Dot Music," also a music industry publication, reports that Warner Bros. is scheduled to release an album Morrison recorded before he was sentenced to a year in prison last March. The singer is doing time for his part in a nightclub fight and his subsequent attempt to have an imposter perform his community service sentence. (see "Mark Morrison Sentenced To One Year In Prison").

According to "Dot"

and other British press reports, the record is called "Best Friend," and features former Take That star Gary Barlow as well as British house/R&B singer Gabrielle. The reports say it's due for release in the U.K. in November, but a rep for Warner Bros. in London says the album is not on their schedule. Morrison's label in the States, Atlantic, also have no record of the pending release.

Morrison's former manager, Clive Black, says he is also unaware of a pending album, but confirms there was one track recorded called "Best Friend." He adds that it's unlikely Morrison recorded more material prior to his incarceration.