Morissette, Mini-Band Offers Up New Tunes

June 10 [14:15 EDT] -- Alanis Morissette and a small stage band debuted two new songs in addition to performing four other lesser known tunes at the Tibetan Freedom Concert Sunday.

One new song was called "Gorgeous," the other loosely titled "I Saw London Today," and both kept within the mellow feel of Alanis' set. They played two songs from the band's touring set, "Can't Not" and "King of Intimidation," and also performed two non-hits from Jagged Little Pill, "Wake Up" and the hidden cut, "Your House."

Joining Morissette on stage were two members of her touring band, guitarist Nick Lashley and bassist Chris Chaney, along with newcomer Gary Novak on drums. Novak was described by a spokesperson as a "friend of the band" and a temporary fill in.

The spokesperson confirmed that guitarist Jessie Tobias had left the band amicably round the same time as drummer Taylor Hawkins, who joined the Foo Fighters earlier this year. Their departures came as no surprise. Neither

Tobias nor Hawkins had participated in the recording of Jagged Little Pill, and Morissette is weeks, more likely months away from recording her next project. Their future touring duties were far down the road.

The spokesperson says that no announcement has been made as yet pertaining to a producer, but most sources expect Glen Ballard to return to the production helm.