David Morales: King Of The Dance-Pop Remix

Meanwhile, far from the glare of the country's concert stages, a New York studio star named David Morales is quietly making a name for himself as the king of the dance-pop remix -- deconstructing and reinventing hot tracks for such dance scene queens as Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson, and of course, the Spice Girls.

DAVID MORALES: To remix a song is to kind of like to rearrange it, from what the original mix is. It is almost like putting a puzzle together, you just put it bit by bit.

JANET JACKSON: It ["Got 'Til It's Gone" remix, 611k QuickTime] is not an easy song to remix really. It's kind of a tough song. For one, the key that the song is in is really weird.

MORALES: It was a matter of stretching the Joni Mitchell sample, it was like oh my God! She's a munchkin. That is why it would have been nice to get her into the studio.

MTV: Getting the singer back in the studio is a part of Morales'

campaign to take remixing to a new level, not just rearranging a track's original sonic ingredients, but getting the star to come back and cut new vocals for his new mix, which is what Mariah Carey did.

MARIAH CAREY: We have an interlude on the album called "Fly Away" and it is sort of the remix of "Butterfly."

MORALES: She wanted to have something different, something beautiful that still had the integrity of the ballad, but yet in a different sense.

CAREY: What I do with David, when we do these versions, even though it was just supposedly an interlude, he still does like 10 minutes of music. And so I just sort of ad lib on top of that. And I started singing that, (sings) "Butterflies are free to fly / Fly away, bye bye..." [1.3MB QuickTime]

MORALES: For me the reward is hearing my record in a club and watching the audience go nuts. That is when I feel the benefits of what I have done in the


David Morales, mixmaster to the stars.