Mandy Moore Takes Dreamy "Walk" In New Vid

Teen singer Mandy Moore has teamed up with "American Pie" actor Eric Lively for the forthcoming video to "Walk Me Home," the follow-up to her breakthrough single and "TRL" fave, "Candy."

In the wintry clip for "Walk Me Home," Lively plays the part of Moore's romantic interest, whom she meets at a magical movie premiere. While traveling through an L.A. airport, Moore chatted about the new single and how it relates to being a teenager in the year 2000.

"The song 'Walk Me Home' is my favorite song off the album," Moore said, "so I'm really glad it's going to be the second single. I think it's just [a] really innocent love song about being 15."

"I think a lot of people my age, maybe younger, can relate to it,"
she continued. "It's not me trying to be somebody that I'm not, or it's not me trying to be somebody older. It's just me [dealing with]

stuff I've experienced, and the way I feel about stuff." [RealVideo]

Later during the evening, Moore talked extensively with MTV about the concept behind the video and how she felt it interconnected with the song's lyrics.

"I think the song 'Walk Me Home' lends itself to a lot of different ideas and concepts for what a video might be," Moore said. "The video is just basically gonna start off with me and two other friends running to this movie premiere to try and catch our favorite actor walk down the red carpet with his co-star."

"And you see him get out when he gets there,"
she continued, "and all the paparazzi is taking pictures and stuff. It just basically goes through where I kind of drift off into a fantasy, and then you see me and him step out of the limo, and I'm like his co-star now, and we're walking down [the carpet] and the paparazzi

is taking pictures of us."

"[That's] intercut with different shots of me sitting atop a marquee, looking down on the whole situation and kind of singing about that,"
Moore said. "But the key thing for me was to combine the whole element of the plot line with a performance video of me really singing the song, since I really love the song so much. I don't know, we'll kind of see what comes up from that." [RealVideo]

You can see exactly what came from that when Moore's "Walk Me Home" clip premieres on MTV's "Making The Video" on Monday, January 31 at 10:30 p.m. (ET/PT).