1998 Scrapbook: Monster Magnet Draws Attention With Hip-Hop Flair

1998 might have seemed like a bad year for rock & roll, but it was a good year for Monster Magnet.

The hard rock outfit from Jersey created a brilliant send-up of hip-hop opulence and spectacle for its clip for "Space Lord," which combined with the band's stint on tours with Rob Zombie and Aerosmith, helped Monster Magnet build crossover support for its 1998 record, "Power Trip," the band's sixth album.

Shortly before Marilyn Manson announced that it had gravitated toward Magnet for the opening slot of its 1999 spring tour, MTV's Chris Connelly caught up with the band during the Sports and Music Festival in Memphis, where Monster Magnet was out taking a stroll through some of Elvis Presley's old stomping grounds...