The Edge Bows To Davy Jones

June 24 [7:55 EDT] -- Just how happy was the Edge to be joined by Monkees frontman Davy Jones Saturday night?

Happy enough that the U2 guitarist dropped to his knees and bowed repeatedly to the 60s teen idol while Jones belted out the Monkees' hit "Daydream Believer." [800k QuickTime]

As we reported yesterday, Jones popped up as a surprise guest at Saturday night's U2 show at the Los Angeles Coliseum, and joined the Edge during the guitarist's nightly karaoke performance. Throughout the tour, the Edge has taken to the stage to offer up karaoke renditions of "Sweet Caroline," "New York, New York," and (of course) "Daydream Believer."

When Jones (who now lives in L.A.) accepted the band's invitation and turned up on stage Saturday night, it was hard to tell who was happier, Jones or the Edge.

U2's PopMart tour moves on to Madison, Wisconsin on Wednesday, and then heads to Chicago and Foxboro, Massachusetts before departing

for Europe.