Monica Traces Her Atlanta Connections And Roots

Atlanta-based singer Monica is just one of the many hip-hop artists to have emerged from that city in the last few years, and the singer claims that it's a family thing for performers that have come up from that town -- and a close-knit family at that.

Her second album, "The Boy Is Mine," features fellow Atlantans Outkast and producer Dallas Austin, and Monica spoke with the MTV Radio Network about what it was that kept all the groups in contact with one other.

"We've all been together for a long time," Monica explained, "and it's really weird that a lot of people from Atlanta have continued their relationships with each other and it's been successful. It's odd, it's definitely odd."

As for her "Atlanta family," Monica says that she and 112 have been together since the beginning, Outkast attended the same high school she did, she was in a church choir with members of Xscape, she has known Goodie M.O.B. for many years, and Jermaine Dupri produced Monica's hit single, "The

First Night."