Monica To Make Cinematic Debut In "Love Story" Remake

Monica is currently enjoying yet another number one hit with "Angel of Mine," the third cut to be offered up from her sophomore record, "The Boy Is Mine." With the success of her other two singles, the title track duet with Brandy and "The First Night," the singer is now entertaining offers for a variety of non-music projects, including that of her first major film role.

In an interview with the MTV Radio Network, Monica, who has logged on-camera time in both her own music videos and as a fashion model, talked about the pending movie part and some of the discussions surrounding her potential co-stars.

"I'm about to do a remake of a movie called 'Love Story,'"Monica said, referring to the 1970 Arthur Hiller-directed weepy that starred Ali MacGraw and Ryan O'Neal. "and right now they are trying to find a leading male, and that's gonna be the most difficult part."

"I've heard talk of Mark Wahlberg and I've heard people sayin' that

Leonardo DiCaprio would be amazing in it," she added. "So, whomever they do choose, I think it will be a blessing for me to work with, being that it'll be my first movie anyway." [28.8 RealAudio]

No word yet in when the remake of "Love Story" is supposed to finish casting and start production, but in the meantime Monica will have to settle for another small screen role -- in the video for her fourth single, "Sweet Symphony."