Moloko: Do You like My Tight Sweater?

September 26 [14:00 EDT] -- "Do you like my tight sweater? See how it fits my body." Instead of inspiring a slap in the face or a salacious grin, that off-hand remark brought together the singer/songwriter team which forms Moloko.

Mark Brydon was chillin' at a club in Sheffield, England, when Roisin Murphy rolled up to him casually chanting those lines. The funk producer and chanteuse struck a friendship; Moloko later formed.

Apparently Brydon thought there was a song in those lines. Months later he and Murphy hammered an entire album off them, Do You like My Tight Sweater? Getting mileage from their danceable melange of funk, jungle, and jazz, Moloko scored a hit in Britain with the single, "Where is the What If the What is in the Why?" Stateside, Moloko's "Fun For Me" [800k QuickTime].

Their work's trippy tendencies are reportedly an extension of their lifestyles. Before Brydon created space funk for Murphy's sci-fi

lyrics, he knocked about various industrial funk bands, charting with House Arrest in the '80s. For her part, Roisin Murphy reportedly partied throughout Northern England. Now all that good time energy is harnessed on their debut Do You Like My Tight Sweater?