Mojo Nixon Olympic Luge "Mascot"

Mojo Nixon has been appointed the honorary captain of the U.S.A. Men's Doubles Luge Team as they compete at the Olympics in Nagano, Japan. Mojo has also recorded their theme song with a little help from the team itself, at Nixon's home base of San Diego as the lugers enjoyed a pre-Olympics vacation.

Nixon is best known for songs including "Bring Me The Head Of David Geffen," "Elvis Is Everywhere," and "Don Henley Must Die." The luge song, according to press reports, is called "Arctic Evel Knievels," a/k/a "Luge Team U.S.A." Luge team member Gordy Sheer plays drums on the track, and some of his cohorts helped with the 'vocals' on Nixon's luge anthem.

"We're chanting 'U-S-A,' then spell out 'L-U-G-E,' " Sheer told AP. "Then we do that Ramones chant, 'Hey, ho, let's go!' followed by, 'Hey, ho, Mojo!'"

Sheer and his teammates wrote to Nixon to extend the honorary captain invite, and Nixon immediately accepted. Nixon told UPI that seeing as luge is the craziest sport,

it was logical that the team would want the craziest rock & roller as their mascot.

Sheer plays drums in a rock band called "Jim" in New York State. The group has released two CD's, one in 1996 and another one this past fall.