Moby Weighs In On Robbie Williams

Former Take That singer Robbie Williams is making his play for the big time in America after establishing himself in England with a pair of solo albums that have sold some 3.6 million copies to date.

Williams is pushing "Millennium" as his first U.S. solo single, a tune which incorporates a string sample taken from one of the Sean Connery-era James Bond films -- and Williams noticeably pays homage to the 007 franchise in the song's corresponding video.

MTV News recently chatted with Moby, the electronica star who earned a dance club hit a few years back with his "re-version" of "The James Bond Theme" (which was also included on his 1997 album, "I Like to Score") and asked for his thoughts on Williams and the Bond-sampled tune.

"I think Robbie Williams is a wonderful pop icon," Moby said. "I think he's terrific. I mean, I can't think of a better pop star. He's talented and kind of down to earth.

He's also rough around the edges. I think he's great."

"I don't think that ['Millennium'] is very strong," he continued, "but I love the use of strings in it, especially that string sample (hums). The song is just like a tossed-together pop song, and any song about the millennium is bound to be suspect. But I love the strings and he's terrific." [RealVideo]

Moby's new album, "Play," is due out on June 1, and he has already shot a video for "Run On," the planned second single from the record. For more on Williams, be sure to check out the new MTV Online Feature, "Robbie Williams: Take That, America."