Moby Spins For Sci Fi Channel, Lands Licensing Deal

Last week, Moby was hobnobbing with such stars as Jewel and Elton John at several pre-Grammy festivities, but next month he'll be singing the praises of a different kind of star.

Moby has become the latest performer to be tapped for the Sci Fi Channel's "I am Sci Fi" campaign, and is slated to begin appearing in promotional spots hawking the cable channel in March.

The new Sci Fi Channel spots are based on the Devils Tower scene from Steven Spielberg's 1977 classic, "Close Encounters Of The Third Kind." In the movie, aliens made contact with humans amassed atop the Wyoming national monument via series of electronic tones and sound pulses.

In Moby's version, he rocks out with a call and response that Moby generates on a mixing board -- with his sonic grooves causing the space ship to spin out like a giant turntable, scratching out its alien answer.

Others musicians and celebrities who have participated in the "I am Sci Fi" spots include Busta Rhymes,

Everclear, NBA's Kevin Garnett, pro tennis siblings Serena and Venus Williams, and "Tomb Raider" video game character Lara Croft (see "Busta Rhymes, Everclear Going Sci Fi").

In other business-related Moby news, all 18 of the tracks from his recent album, "Play," have been licensed for use in film, TV, and radio commercials, according to Moby's music publisher, Warner-Chappell.

"Variety" reports that over 400 licensees have received approval to use snippets of the album's tracks, which should still be playing on commercials by the time Moby finishes off his extended world tour in support of "Play" in December.