Mobb Deep Taps Nas For Album, Film

These days, when a hip-hop act announces plans to release a film to accompany a new album, it hardly raises an eyebrow.

However, the rappers in Mobb Deep say that they mean business with their new album, "Murda Muzik," and their film that will carry the same name.

"We didn't put nobody [in the movie]," the group's Prodigy explained to the MTV Radio Network. "It's us. It ain't like a rap movie with a bunch of rappers [in it]. This is a real film. It got meaning to it. We ain't just throwing people in there to sell videos.... I wrote this so you can feel something from it. This is my artwork, just like how we write our rhymes and how we make our beats."[RealAudio]

The film will boast at least two cameos as Lil' Cease and Nas will turn up in the movie, but the bulk of the action will revolve around

Prodigy and his Mobb

Deep partner Havoc.

Nas also turns up on the "Murda Muzik" album, along with Lil' Kim, Kool G Rap, Eightball, Noyd, and Infamous Mobb. Due to rampant bootlegging, the group is currently recording new material for the album, which should hit stores on August 10. Meanwhile, the straight-to-video version of "Murda Muzik" should hit stores soon thereafter.