1998 Scrapbook: Mix Master Mike Rolls With The Beats

Mix Master Mike, the man who gave the Beastie Boys their "Body Movin'" beats on this year's "Hello Nasty" tour, has developed a reputation for being a master manipulator of vinyl, skills he put into mad effect on his 1998 album, the epic 31-track manifesto, "Anti-Theft Device."

A sound and sample showman, Mix Master Mike can easily interject snippets of such songs as Rush' "Tom Sawyer" or Elton John's "Bennie and the Jets" into a Beastie Boys live set to produce hyper-kinetic musical montages.

Last summer MTV News' Kurt Loder met up with the dynamic DJ while he was on tour with the Beastie Boys and attempted to pick up a few pointers on the art of the sonic segue... [RealVideo]