Misfits Charging Ahead On New Album

Call them the band that wouldn't die.

The Misfits are currently holed up in a studio in Woodstock, New York laying down tracks for the second album with the band's current lineup.

The band has set up shop at Dreamland Studios to record its second post-Glenn Danzig effort, tentatively titled "Famous Monsters." The title is a nod to the horror flick magazine "Famous Monsters of Filmland." (Former White Zombie bassist Sean Yseult paid the same tribute when she named her own group Famous Monsters.)

Frontman Michale Graves, who joined the band in 1995, began recording vocals for the album last week and managed to finish four songs in his first night in the studio. The band plans to include the new tracks "Living Hell," "Dust to Dust," "Hunting Humans," "Scream," "Fiend Club," "Die Monster Die," "Blood Hunt," "Forbidden Zone," "1,000,000 Years BC," "Them!" and "Pumpkinhead" on the album, as well as a few others.

This time around, the band has teamed with producer Daniel Rey

and is keeping the studio vibe decidedly light with cooking and weightlifting providing the primary non-recording diversions.

The Misfits are expected to have the album in stores this fall.