George Michael Video Causes Minor Legal Setback

The debut of George Michael's new video for "Outside" seems to have already gotten him into some hot water.

According to a spokesperson for the Beverly Hills District Attorney's office, the singer was to have completed 80 hours of community service by Tuesday, as per his sentencing in May over a lewd conduct charge. But because Michael had not completely served out his sentence, his attorney approached Judge Charles Rubin on Thursday to try to extend the deadline until sometime in February. The judge, who had a copy of the video in the courtroom, didn't grant the full request, but did extend the deadline to December 21.

According to the spokesperson, the February deadline wasn't granted because the judge felt that Michael did have enough time to complete his service, noting his previously unscheduled projects, which includes the controversial video and appearance on the MTV live special earlier this week, as the D.A.'s office argued.

Though Rubin did say that

it was within Michael's first amendment rights to make such a video, which pokes fun at the police and his situation, he did think that it shouldn't have stopped him from completing his service duties.

The track "Outside" is featured on Michael's greatest hits album not so ironically titled, "Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael," which will be out in stores on Tuesday.