George Michael To Complete Sentence By Delivering Food To Homeless

After his appearance on MTV a few weeks back brought a little heat from the Beverly Hills District Attorney's Office, vocalist George Michael is now scheduled to finish out his court-ordered community service next month.

Michael will spend the remaining service hours helping deliver food to people with AIDS in the Los Angeles area, according to the Associated Press.

As we previously reported (see "George Michael Video Causes Minor Legal Setback"), the former Wham frontman was arrested on a lewd conduct charge back in April, and did not complete the 80 hours of service that he was sentenced to by November 3.

On November 5, the day after Michael appeared on MTV to premiere his new video, "Outside" and sit down for an exclusive interview, the court denied his lawyer's appeal to extend the community service deadline to February 1999.

Noting that he had time to make a TV appearance and film a video, the court instead gave the

singer until December 21, and Michael must complete the sentence by then or risk additional fines and possible jail time.

Michael's new greatest hits compilation, "Ladies & Gentlemen: The Best of George Michael," was released last week.