George Michael Sued By Beverly Hills Cop

George Michael is being sued by the police officer who arrested him for lewd conduct in a public washroom last year.

The Associated Press reports that Marcelo Rodriquez, who was on the scene to witness Michael performing a sex act in the facility, is now suing the singer for slander.

Michael was arrested in April of 1998 and later pleaded no contest to a charge of engaging in a lewd act. He was banned from the park, fined $810, and ordered to perform 80 hours of community service.

The Beverly Hills cop alleges that Michael has been insulting him and accusing him of entrapment in media interviews ever since. Rodriquez also complains that he was mocked in Michael's video for the song "Outside," which features a quasi-reenactment of the scene (see "George Michael Discusses His Arrest, Premieres New Video"). The man's lawyer alleges that Michael has profited greatly at his client's expense.

Rodriquez, who has

filed the suit as a private citizen, is seeking $10 million in damages.