Tommy Lee Jailed For Parole Violation

Mötley Crüe co-founder Tommy Lee was ordered sent back to prison for five days by Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Lawrence Mira, who learned from prosecutors that Lee had violated the conditions of his parole, according to Reuters.

Lee, arrested in February 1998 for kicking his wife Pamela Anderson, pleaded no contest to felony spousal abuse and was sentenced to six months in prison. After four months, he was released and placed on parole by Judge Mira. One condition of his parole, however, was that he not take drugs or drink alcohol.

Early in May 2000, however, prosecutors revealed that Lee had been seen drinking alcohol.

During a private court hearing held in the judge's chambers, Judge Mira sentenced Lee to five days in jail and extended his probation until May 26, 2003. The drummer, now divorced from Lee, must also resume random drug testing, and enroll in Alcoholics Anonymous.

In 1996, Lee was arrested for assaulting a photographer

outside of a nightclub. He pleaded no contest to misdemeanor battery, and later settled a lawsuit by the victim.