Metallica's Free Concert Worries Philly City Council

November 6 [10:00 EDT] -- That free concert that Metallica has been trying to get off the ground for weeks may not be home free just yet.

Reuters reports that some members of the Philadelphia City Council are not too thrilled with the notion of the band taking over the parking lot outside of the CoreStates Center next Tuesday. More precisely, the officials are reportedly concerned about the litter and security problems a crowd of 40,000 people might cause.

The show is set for 3 p.m. on November 11, the same day that the Philadelphia Flyers are scheduled to play Ottawa Senators in the CoreStates Spectrum, leaving some to worry about what the increased traffic will do to the surrounding neighborhood. Of course, since the NFL's Philadelphia Eagles, Major League Baseball's Phillies, and the NBA's 76ers share the venues that comprise the CoreStates complex with the Flyers, and since the facility hosts numerous concerts a year, crowds are nothing new to folks in the area.

Philadelphia mayor Ed Rendell told Reuters that he expects the concert to go off without a hitch once the show's promoters meet with the City Council and hammer out all their worries.