Metallica Delays Release Of "Cunning" New Live DVD

Metallica has pushed back the release of its new double DVD package from November 17 until December 8, and has finally settled on a title for the live set, "Cunning Stunts."

As we previously reported (see "Metallica Re-Loads For Live Video"), the more than two hours of footage for "Cunning Stunts" was culled by director Wayne Isham from a pair of Metallica concerts dating from May 1997 in Fort Worth, Texas.

The concerts were the first to be shot specifically for the DVD format, and will allow viewers to view Metallica from different angles during the band's set. The DVD package also includes a photo gallery of more than 1,800 photos which recount every performance on the band's 1997 Load/Re-Load tours.

The video also provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse at Metallica's traveling road show, including the special effects behind the band's "explosive" stage finale that ended each of last year's performances.

Metallica also

recently taped interviews for a VH1 "Behind the Music" documentary detailing stories from the Bay Area band's 18-year history, although no air date has been set for the program.