Metallica Sues Over Bootleg Album

Metallica filed a lawsuit on Monday in the U.S. Central District Court of California against online store over the bootleg album entitled "Bay Area Thrashers: The Early Days." The group is seeking an unspecified amount in damages, in addition to an injunction preventing future sales of the album.

Metallica is continuing to allege in various suits that the bootleg album was marketed and distributed without the band's permission, and the law firm representing Metallica is quick to point out that even's online description of the album mentions, via customer comments, that the record is an illegal bootleg and not authorized by the band.

The suit lists such complaints as unfair competition as well as various copyright and trademark infringements. As previously reported by MTV News (see "Metallica Files Lawsuit Over Fake Live Album"), the group also filed a suit earlier this month against Outlaw Records and various

others over the same release.