Memphis Bleek Is "Coming Of Age" With Top Ten Debut

There won't be a whole lot of shaking-up going on in next Monday's "Billboard" Hot 100 album chart, but one new name you'll find is Memphis Bleek, whose debut album, "Coming Of Age," enters at number seven.

Hip-hop fans will no doubt recognize Bleek from his recent contributions to Ja Rule's "Murda 4 Life" and the remix of Ja's "Holla Holla." A protégé of Jay-Z, Bleek got his start at the age of fifteen on Jay's debut album, 1996's "Reasonable Doubt," on the song titled "Coming Of Age." More recently, he appeared on "Coming Of Age (Da Sequel)" on Jay-Z's chart-topping album "Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life." Recently the rapper spoke to MTV News about the recurring title's significance and why he chose it for his debut LP.

"I used 'Coming Of Age' because I look at it as every child goes through a growing process. Like childhood, teenager, then you an adult," Bleek told MTV News. "And I came through that

process, like, being down with Jay[-Z] and stuff like that. I was fifteen when I got on with him. So it was like I was child then. Then I was a teenager, just trying to do my thing. And now, as an adult, I'm finally putting my album out. I came up." [RealVideo]

The first single from "Coming Of Age" is "Memph Bleek Is."