Megadeth's Mustaine Raring To "Crush 'Em"

The thrash kings of Megadeth were on location in San Pedro, California, earlier this month to shoot a video for their new song, "Crush 'Em," which appears on the upcoming soundtrack to "Universal Soldier: The Return."

As we previously reported, both the movie and the video star kickboxing thespian Jean Claude Van Damme and World Championship Wrestling pro Bill Goldberg, whose previous acting credits include a turn on TV's "The Love Boat: The Next Wave" (see "Megadeth Teaming With Van Damme, Goldberg For 'Universal Soldier' Video").

According to Megadeth frontman (and NHL hockey fan) Dave Mustaine, the band wrote the disco-flavored "Crush 'Em" to be its official sports and wrestling anthem, in a manner of speaking.

"We're going into an arena we've never been in before," Mustaine told MTV News, "and we've kept our integrity, because it's still Megadeth.

You can tell that. And it's still me singing. You can tell that."

"I think the best part about it is, it's a good ass-whuppin' song," he continued. "It's the kind of song I would imagine wanting to hear while I was beating somebody senseless." [RealVideo]

The "Universal Solder" soundtrack, which also features new cuts from the Flys and Static-X, among others, is in stores July 13. The movie opens in theaters Labor Day weekend.