Megadeth Cancels New Year's Eve Show As "Risk" Goes Gold

Metal mainstays Megadeth are the latest act to pull the plug on a high profile New Year's Eve show as the band has cancelled its December 31 show on its home turf of Phoenix, Arizona.

Spokespeople for the band confirm a report in "The Arizona Republic" that the show, planned for Phoenix's Veterans Memorial Coliseum, has been put on ice.

While numerous Y2K related shows have been dropped as more people decide to lay low on New Year's Eve, the band's management told the "Republic" that soft sales were not an issue. Rather, the band reportedly claims that it is dropping the show because it was unable to line up the "special guests" that it hoped to bring on board for the event.

"We really wanted to put together a great show," Megadeth's management told the newspaper. "Unfortunately, the acts we were looking to have as special guests were unavailable."

In somewhat brighter news for the band, Megadeth will be awarded a gold record plaque for its latest

effort, "Risk," when the band plays Los Angeles' House Of Blues on January 7. Since its release at the end of August, the band's ninth album for Capitol Records has sold more than 500,000 copies in the U.S. to attain gold status.