Matchbox 20: What's In A Name?

June 19 [7:55 EDT] -- Matchbox 20 is ranked at number 34 on this week's "Billboard" album chart and rising fast with its debut effort, "Yourself or Someone Like You."

The group is riding high on the strength of their track "Push," [1MB QuickTime] which is finding plenty of airtime on rock radio and on MTV.

If you've heard the track, chances are you've wondered where the band's unique name comes from. According Matchbox 20 singer Rob Thomas and drummer Paul Douchette the name dates back to their days of waiting tables in Florida, and it hardly made a good first impression.

"A guy walked into the place I was working and I wish I knew who this guy was, because I have no clue," Douchette explained.

"He had a big number twenty on a softball shirt... a bunch of patches all over it, and the only word that I saw from the patches was the word 'matchbox,' and I was like

'Matchbox 20.' At the time I wanted to start a clothing company. I was like 'Matchbox 20 clothing company' but then I said the name of the band."

"We hated it," Thomas said of the band's reaction to the idea.

"They were like, 'That is the dumbest name in the world,'" Douchette added. "Then like a month later, Rob's like 'Matchbox 20.'" [900k QuickTime]

Whether or not you like the name, apparently it was good enough to get the band a spot on Blockbuster Rockfest near Dallas this Saturday, along with Bush, Jewel, No Doubt, Paula Cole, and the Wallflowers.