Matchbox 20 Explain Themselves

August 1 [10:00 EDT] -- It seems that for every fan of Matchbox 20's hit "Push," [1MB QuickTime] there's someone else who's angry about it.

"When 'Push' first came out, I got a lot of angry, angry women," frontman Rob Thomas told MTV News.

Thomas says that the lyrics to the song, which currently resides at number two on "Billboard's" modern rock chart, are often misinterpreted.

"It's not about beating women. That's for sure," Thomas said. "In fact, the song, I turned around the point of view on it, and it was actually about a relationship that I was in and how I was being manipulated. It was all about emotional manipulation and about emotional violence." [1MB QuickTime]

Of course, the constant explanations are getting old for the band.

"I don't think I should have to explain myself any more than, you know, if I were an accountant

I'd have to explain myself," Thomas said.

Matchbox 20 is likely to find a more understanding type of listener when they play the End-Fest in Bremerton, Washington on Saturday with Radiohead, the Offspring, and Folk Implosion.