Matchbox 20 Sued By Former Bandmates

December 12 [17:00 EDT] -- Three members of matchbox 20 are being sued by some former bandmates who claim that matchbox 20 has recorded one of their old songs.

Before forming matchbox 20, singer Rob Thomas, drummer Paul Doucette and bassist Brian Yale were members of another band in Orlando, Florida called Tabitha's Secret. Two members of that group, guitarist Jay Stanley and bassist John Goff, have filed a suit against matchbox 20's members, singer Rob Thomas, drummer Paul Doucette and bassist Brian Yale, along with producer Matt Serletic and attorney David Mantel.

The lawsuit alleges that Serletic approached Tabitha's Secret about a long term agreement and producing a demo tape which included the track, "3AM," (a song that now appears on matchbox 20's album, "Yourself Or Someone Like You"). Mantel was then going to represent the band to Atlantic Records. According to the suit, it didn't really happen that way.

Stanley and Goff claim that when they had reservations

about entering into a longterm agreement with Serletic, Thomas, Doucette, and Yale left the group and reemerged as Matchbox 20. But before they departed, Thomas allegedly fired the band's manager and booking agent, canceled the rest of their then-current tour, and announced that the band was breaking up, claiming that the deal with Atlantic was solely for him and that he could bring Yale and Doucette with him.

Most likely this complex suit will be sorted out in court some time next year.

Meanwhile, Tabitha's Secret still exists and plans to release a CD called "Don't Play With Matches."