Matchbox 20's Gaynor Reunited With Guitar

After some anxious days, Matchbox 20 guitarist Adam Gaynor and his Taylor acoustic guitar were reunited last week after the thief who swiped the instrument surrendered it to a Florida radio station.

As we previously reported, Gaynor was "horrified" when his favorite guitar went missing after a September 18 Matchbox 20 show in Gainesville, Florida (see "Matchbox 20's Gaynor Offers Reward For Stolen Guitar"). The guitarist played a string of live shows with a replacement, and as he told MTV News on Wednesday, "It was a good guitar, but it wasn't the guitar that I loved. It wasn't my green little alien baby."[RealAudio]

Guitarist offered a reward for the safe return of the instrument, and after days of Gaynor's self-admitted "whining," an anonymous caller tipped off the band via a hotline Matchbox 20 had set up to collect


on the case.

On Monday of last week, the unscathed guitar was returned to Ocala, Florida, radio station WMOP, which acted as an intermediary in the matter. The station then shipped the guitar to Gaynor, who was on the road.

"I took it into a small room, I turned the lights off and set a mood, I played some Barry White records, and I just did what came naturally," Gaynor said of his reunion with the guitar.

The instrument was returned with a note from an extraordinarily repentant thief, who signed the missive "Big D***head."

Please accept this apology," the note began. "When I took your guitar, I was not thinking clearly. In fact, I was not thinking at all. I feel like a complete a**hole. I wish I had never taken the guitar."

The guitar

burglar was also nice

enough to go on to suggest security measures that could prevent such a problem in the future.

"I hold no bad feelings toward this guy at all, if you can believe that," Gaynor said of the thief. "The only reason I can say that is because he was man enough to step up to the plate and realize he did something really stupid." [RealAudio]