Master P's Plan For Success

September 23 [7:55 EDT] -- Besides rapping his way to the number two spot on this week's pop albums chart ["I Miss My Homies" Video Clip, 1.1MB QuickTime QuickTime] , Master P is also a hip-hop businessman with his own production company called No Limit.

In addition to producing his home video best seller "I'm 'Bout It" earlier this year, Master P and No Limit are also shooting another movie called "I Got The Hookup," a comedy about scamming free cellular phone calls.

Master P s two-pronged success as both a rapper and video producer may be unusual, but it's no surprise to the man in the middle of it all.

"Basically what I did was I prepared myself, constantly moving," he told MTV News. "In business you gotta have a strategy, you gotta have a plan, and you gotta organize yourself for growing, and that's what I did. I knew '97 was going to be the year that we were gonna grow, and how far we grew, that didn't matter

to me, but I established myself to grow, and that's what '97 was about for me, you know, to be as big and successful as we could be."[800k QuickTime]

Master P's "I Got The Hookup" is expected to hit theaters this winter, and you can also catch him this Thursday night on MTV's "Yo" at 10 p.m.