Master P Faces Lawsuit Over "I Miss My Homies"

November 20 [7:55 EDT] -- Master P now finds himself in legal trouble over the very song that has proved to be his biggest hit.

The rapper has been sued by the writers of a song that proved to be a minor hit for the O¹Jays in 1978. The suit charges that Master P's "I Miss My Homies" [1MB QuickTime] copies the verse and chorus structure of the O"Jays' "Brandy," and is seeking $1.5 million as compensation.

The suit goes on to claim that on the late night talk show "Vibe," Master P said that he and his colleagues Pimp C and Shocker had written the song.

Master P's lawyer issued a statement on Wednesday saying that the rapper's camp had been in negotiations with the writers of the O'Jays track, and that the omission of the writers' names in the songwriting credits of "I Miss My Homies" was a "total error."