Master P Lines Up More Film Roles

With the just-released Snoop Dogg album, "Da Game Is To Be Sold and Not To Be Told," hip-hop mogul Master P's No Limit record label is taking its first shot at rejuvenating the career of a fading rap super-star.

As for Master P, the rapper-producer-label CEO is currently active on a number of other fronts -- the most prominent of which is acting, and Master P is currently starring with Forest Whitaker and Skeet Ulrich in a computer-hacker movie entitled "Take Down," and, as he told MTV News last week, working on another film, "Foolish."

"['Foolish'] is a drama. It's got some comedy in it, when [one of the characters] is at the Comedy Store club doing his thing. But it's gonna be a real, real good movie. It's got a lot of feeling into it. [400k QuickTime] And watch out -- cause it's gonna be another No Limit bomb."

"Any other films coming up in the near future that you can talk about?" asked MTV News' John Norris.

"Right now I'm working on this other movie that's going to be big big," Master P continued, "it's called 'You Only Live Once.' So look out for that. We're probably going to shoot that in about two months."

Master P's latest -- and perhaps final -- album as a recording artist, "Da Last Don," is in stores now.

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