Master P, Scarface Concert Melee Sparks Possible Rap Ban

Detroit area police officials have called for a ban on rap concerts following a series of fights at a No Limit show on the weekend headlined by Master P and Scarface.

According to the "Detroit News," the 8,600-strong audience generated dozens of fights at the Pontiac, Michigan, Silverdome on Saturday. The trouble continued after the show at a nearby hotel.

The report says that eight people were thrown out before the concert had even started. The audience was warned by the promoters to calm down during Scarface's set, but the ensuing peace didn't last long. Roughly 15 minutes into Master P's performance, fights were again breaking out throughout the venue, chairs were being thrown, and the police ordered the show to shut down. Three people were arrested for disorderly conduct over the course of the evening.

A police official told the paper that city officials and the local Stadium Authority would be entertaining ideas of not hosting more rap concerts out of concerns regarding

safety and the liability of the city.