Master P To Turn Up In WCW Ring

He may not be donning tights, but Master P has inked a deal with World Championship Wrestling that will see the rapper/No Limit Records CEO perform at a number of WCW events over the next year.

WCW, one part of mogul Ted Turner's vast empire, announced this week that P has signed a one-year contract with the organization. According to a spokesperson for WCW, specific details of the deal have yet to be worked out, but the rapper will perform at several WCW events in a strictly musical capacity. (Sorry folks, P will not be trading blows with Hulk Hogan, Goldberg, Sting, or anyone else.)

If the news seems odd, the WCW spokesperson pointed out that a DJ helps to warm up the crowd between matches during the organization's live "Monday Nitro" broadcasts, and that the addition of Master P and his music to the mix was a natural one. For P, the move will expose him not only to the 30,000-80,000 wrestling fans who turn up at WCW events, but also to the millions of cable viewers who tune

in consistently, making the show's live broadcasts some of the top rated programs on cable TV.

The news came as part of announcement that NBA curiosity and former MTV star Dennis Rodman will return to his wrestling career at several upcoming WCW events. Rodman will return to the ring during a string of matches on "Nitro" which will lead to his appearance at the WCW's upcoming "Road Wild" pay-per-view event set for August 14.