Mase Discusses Night Of Arrest

In an interview with Sister 2 Sister Radio, Mase offers his side of what happened last week when the rap star was arrested in New York City.

According to the interview, Mase says that he was headed towards the Hit Factory after leaving Puff Daddy's Manhattan studio. On the way there, the rapper says he pulled his new black Mercedes up to a red light in Midtown where a crowd had gathered outside a restaurant. Then, Mase says he was suddenly surrounded by cops.

As we previously reported (see "Mase Charged With Disorderly Conduct"), Mase was arrested last Thursday on a charge of patronizing a prostitute. The rapper later plead to disorderly conduct and received a $200 fine.

Mase told the interviewer that he didn't talk to anyone near the car that night and described himself as a "laid back gentleman."

"I don't pursue women," Mase told Sister 2 Sister, "they pursue me. And I really ain't going to


something I got to pay for."

Mase said that the whole incident upset him, but shrugged it off as part of the price of fame and attributed it as a classic example of "Mo' Money, Mo' Problems."