Marvelous 3 Hits Big With "Neglected" Single

Marvelous 3 is currently riding the charts in grand style with the hit "Freak of the Week." Like another Atlanta-based newcomer, Shawn Mullins, the band got its big push when local radio station 99X began playing the single long before the band had a major record deal. But that particular song isn't exactly the breakthrough M3 had in mind.

"That was one of the most neglected songs [we] recorded," front man Butch Walker told MTV News. "That was one of those songs when it's just not working, you know... when you've only got three hours to record a song in between your road schedule or whatever... Slug played the drums one take, five minutes. I remember he, like, played over too long or something, I was just like, 'oh, I'll just chop it... don't worry about it, this is just a demo of it.' And that was the version that's getting played today." [28.8 RealVideo]

M3's "Hey! Album" is in stores

now. You can catch the band with Collective Soul (see "Ed Roland Explains Collective Soul's Two-Pronged Attack") in Dubuque, Iowa on Friday and Milwaukee, Wisconsin on Saturday.