Ricky Martin Discusses New Album's "Passion"

Tuesday is D-Day for Latin pop superstar Ricky Martin, as it's when he drops his fifth solo album (his first in English) in stores.

The self-titled record throws together an unlikely mix of collaborators, producers, and other characters, from Madonna and William Orbit to rock songwriter and producer Desmond Child, better known for his work with Alice Cooper, Cher, Aerosmith, and even hair-band headbangers Ratt.

On Friday, MTV News' Serena Altschul asked Martin just what connects all of these disparate musical styles into one cohesive album.

"The link between each song is the Latin taste, is the Latin sounds, is the percussion, is the horns, is the passion, I must say," Martin told MTV News. "So this is where I'm at today, emotionally."

He added, "I cannot wear a mask to go on stage. Those are my influences. This is Ricky Martin. That's why the

album is called 'Ricky Martin.' As simple is that. We want to keep it simple. Like Einstein said, 'Let's make it simple, but not simpler than what it is.' And this is me." [RealVideo]

Martin will be touring this summer, but he isn't expected in the U.S. until early fall.

In the meantime, Ricky's next single was expected to be his duet with Madonna, "Be Careful (Cuidado Con Mi Corazon)," but Madonna's overextended schedule might interfere with the duo's ability to find time to film a video. Speculation is that "She's All I Ever Had" might turn out to be the second single instead.