Ricky Martin And Fans Fume As Scalpers Send Ticket Prices Soaring

Many expected tickets for Ricky Martin's upcoming U.S. tour to be hot items, but the prices that some are asking for seats at sold out shows have both fans and the artist himself crying foul.

Tickets for Martin's two October shows at New York's Madison Square Garden sold out in less than 30 minutes Monday morning, leaving many who had camped out for tickets or worked their dialing fingers to breaking point high and dry. The story was similar when tickets for shows in Los Angeles, Dallas, and Miami went on sale, but the situation in New York escalated as tickets with a face value between $35 and $95 turned up online with inflated prices ranging from $300 for nosebleed views to $1000 for center row seats.

While fans expressed their displeasure in the press, Martin's camp sounded off as well, telling MTV News, "While Ricky was thrilled to learn that tickets for his 'Livin' La Vida Loca' tour sold out so quickly, he was extremely upset to hear that scalpers are attempting to take

advantage of the public by reselling some of these tickets for such outrageous amounts of money. This situation seems to be occurring in New York and Los Angeles and Ricky wants the public to know that there will soon be further opportunities to purchase tickets for shows. He'll be playing in those areas in the early part of next year."

A spokeswoman for Ticketmaster told MTV News that despite precautions against scalping, they can't stop "the average customer from reselling their tickets."

Disappointed fans might be comforted by the August 5 issue of "Rolling Stone" magazine featuring the singer and some naked women afloat, Esther Williams-style, on the cover.