Mark Wahlberg Scores With "Big Hit," Discusses Possible Record With Brother

Fresh from his star-making turn in "Boogie Nights," rapper-turned-actor Mark Wahlberg is back with a new film, "Big Hit," which opens on screens this Friday.

But despite his recent Hollywood success, the former Marky Mark told MTV News that he hasn't given up his recording interests, and even worked up one song, "Don't Sleep," for the "Big Hit" soundtrack.

"It just kind of came about by accident," Wahlberg said of "Don't Sleep," "I wasn't really talking about doing a song, but somebody had asked me about it. I said it'd be cool as long as it ain't like 'Men in Black' and you're gonna try and put me in the video or nothing. 'Cause I worked too hard to get away from all that to be going back there. But I got to do something based on the character for the movie and that was cool because I'm still active in the studio, just not putting out a record."

Later in an interview with the MTV Radio Network, Wahlberg also talked about his desire to cut a record with his brother,

former New Kids on the Block singer, Donnie, and his level of involvement in the studio these days.

"I do want to get into the studio eventually and record a record with my brother," Wahlberg said, "but I don't think right this second is the good time, because my record wasn't really talking about doing a record until all this other success occurred. [145k Audio]

"I've recorded probably four or five albums," he explained, "just never put it out. You know? Its like 'all right, this is the one, we're gonna do this, do this video,' and I'm like, 'no, no I'm gonna wait.'" [120k Audio]

But for now Wahlberg seems quite content to pursue film-acting full time, conscious of the fact that he can always fall back into a career and industry he loves.

"I love [music] more than I love what I'm doing now," Wahlberg said. "Because its you, you know. Making a movie, I mean, you're part of a huge group -- 5,000 people -- when I'm in the studio its just me. I'm writing what I'm saying, and talking about what I want to talk about." [230k Audio]

"If I can find myself in a position," he concluded, "where I can do what I want to do and just make real music that, you know, is not necessarily set up to sell 10 million records, but is going to get heard by certain people, you know, a certain audience, and be appreciated by them, then no problem." [170k Audio]