Will Wahlberg Become Marky Mark Again?

Time for a history lesson, kids: before his acclaimed performances in "Boogie Nights," "Three Kings," and "The Perfect Storm," actor Mark Wahlberg was hitmaker Marky Mark.

Aided by his Funky Bunch (and the high visibility that comes with modeling underwear for Calvin Klein), Marky Mark scored with the chart-topper "Good Vibrations" and released two albums in the early '90s.

Wahlberg's critically acclaimed acting resume has almost erased his pop-rap past from cultural memory, but Wahlberg recently told MTV News that there has been talk about resurrecting his music career, revealing that he recently met with Interscope Records, but that he doesn't want to jump back into the music scene just yet.

"I don't want to do a record right now and try to push something because the record company has shown interest," Wahlberg told MTV News. "They

didn't show interest five years ago, and they're showing interest now." [RealAudio]

Given the pop music roller coaster that Mark and his brother Donnie (a member of New Kids On The Block) rode in years past, Wahlberg urges today's current crop of pop stars to be grateful for their success and warns that it's ultimately up to record companies whether or not they'll be hot tomorrow, as labels tend to make idle promises and comparisons to great artists with little sincerity.