Marilyn Manson Blasted By Oklahoma Governor

Jan. 10 [Updated 18:00 EST] -- In response to letters and calls from concerned Oklahomans, the state's governor, Frank Keating, issued a statement condemning Marilyn Manson as "further proof that society's moral values continue to crumble," and urged people to boycott the group's February 5 concert at Oklahoma City's State Fairgrounds.

The statement issued by Keating says, "From what I have learned of the content of their lyrics and message, as well as their conduct on stage ("Kinderfield" live, QuickTime, 800k), they are clearly bent on degrading women, religion and decency, while promoting satanic worship, child abuse and drug use. These people are peddling garbage ("Tourniquet" live, QuickTime, 2.6MB)."

Many of Keatings constituents had contacted Keating, hoping the governor could block the group's performance

at the State Fairgrounds. Keating's statement noted that since the Fairgrounds are not owned buy the state, he is powerless to stop the performance, but he added, "I would encourage Oklahomans to vote with their feet and decline to attend this event. If no one comes to listen to their trash, this group will go elsewhere and not come back."

The venue seats 4,000, and as of Monday, was not sold out.

The fairgrounds' president, however, said he would not cancel an act unless it did something illegal or immoral, adding, "If I only played shows I liked, we'd only have Willie Nelson or George Jones perform here."

Marilyn Manson also ran into trouble in Utah where last Saturday's show was moved to Wolf Mountain after the original venue (Salt Lake City's State Fair Park) pulled the plug on the show citing similar concerns about the band's outrageous image.