Manson's Reception In Oklahoma

MTV: Meanwhile, in Oklahoma city, a mini-panic has broken out over an impending concert, on February 5th, by the tragically misunderstood Marilyn Manson. Manson and his band are booked to play the city's state fairgrounds, an ultra-wholesome place, presumably, and some locals are so alarmed they prevailed upon the governor, Frank Keating, to stop the show. Keating, surprisingly knowledgeable about Manson, was sympathetic, but not helpful.

The governor hastened to note that he believes the Manson group, "pedals garbage," promotes satanic worship and is "clearly bent on degrading women, religion and decency". However, he said he had no authority to cancel acts at the fairgrounds and suggested Oklahomans simply ignore the gig, which in fact they appear to be doing, as of Monday the gig was far from sold out. The man in charge of the fairgrounds said that he couldn't cancel the show either, noting that, "If I only played shows I liked, we'd only have Willie Nelson or George Jones

perform here." Marilyn Manson apparently sees all this as an exercise of religious zealotry. The very thing according to the singer that made him the man he is today.

MARILYN MANSON: Being a 13 year old kid, and having some one tell you on a daily basis, that this is the final hour and that the anti-christ was coming and it was going to be the end of the world. You know, I would stay up every night and have nightmare this and then finally 1984 passed, and all these years that they said was going to be the end, I developed a real hard shell, you know, that really became what Marilyn Manson is, it was a resentment.