Marilyn Manson Causes A Scene

Jan. 17 [10:00 EST] -- It seems that Marilyn Manson's favorite travel companion is controversy these days. After a Utah venue refused to let the band perform and Oklahoma's Governor decried them as "garbage" ("Kinderfield" live, QuickTime, 800k), Marilyn Manson caused an uproar at an autograph session at a Canadian record store.

On Tuesday evening, the band was greeting fans at an in-store appearance in Vancouver, British Columbia, when, according to reports, a crowd of 500 Manson devotees waiting outside grew restless. Many of the fans had been waiting for ten hours to meet their gruesome heroes, and when it seemed that they might not make it inside before the band split, began jostling, jockeying, and shoving. Soon the crowd surged and reportedly shattered the ten-by-seven foot plate glass window at the front of the store.

A police spokesperson called the fracas "pushing... not intentional fighting," and told

reporters that no one was injured.

The band reportedly split the scene, and the somewhat disappointed crowd spilled into the street. According to reports, thirty police officers were called in to clear the area, which the crowd did without incident.

Somewhere underneath all the hoopla, Marilyn Manson still has a music career, and the band debuted its new video, "Tourniquet" ("Tourniquet" live, QuickTime, 2.6MB), on MTV on Thursday.